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The Ultimate
Investment Experience

The Ultimate
Investment Experience

Why Real Estate

With over 23 years of investment and a track record of over $556 million in real-estate under management, Ballard harnesses real estate’s famed potential for stable returns and diversification–traditionally, one of the most sought-after asset classes for professional investors has and continues to be real estate.

We take this premier asset class and introduce our simple, highly-profitable and conservative method to our select investors, helping them build wealth. At Ballard Built we take the time to connect and know each investor, matching them with the right opportunities within real estate–crafting the ultimate investment experience.





Our method is highly-profitable
& conservative

How Ballard Built
Helps You

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Ballard Built is uniquely positioned to source, analyze, and fund opportunistic housing investments across some of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Our on-the-ground relationships and straightforward approach opens doors for unique-profitable investment opportunities.

There is a severe shortage of quality housing, so getting into these cities requires leveraging many relationships that Ballard has already developed. The reality is that new entrants to these markets face significant disadvantages and potential delays.

Relationships aren’t just important; they are everything.

Focused on You

We are focused on building wealth for you, our investor, by developing communities that meet the demand of the marketplace. Since 1997, we have a track record for returning profit to every one of our investors. We take the safer route in real estate investing by embracing a newer, more conservative model in funding.

3 Shifts in Capital Structure for real-estate development and redevelopment makes it a prime time to invest

% ‘s reflect annual interest rate

With banks leaving the market, senior debt positioning is now available.

To encourage capitol flow, the senior debt market now pays higher returns than the mezzanine debt did in the past.

Developers are required to take a higher percentage of the risk than ever before.

% ‘s reflect annual interest rate

When appropriately underwritten,
these shifts present an opportunity for healthy returns
in a senior secure position.

To maximize this
opportunity, we deploy

A Multi-Channel Strategy

To maximize opportunities conservatively, Ballard Built deploys a multi-channel strategy designed to minimize risk and volatility and provide healthy, above market returns during all seasons. We fund the following project types

Buy & Reposition Undervalued Assets

Opportunistically on Infill Lots

How We Have Been Successful

Buy & Reposition Undervalued Assets

Buying is the purchase of an existing residential or commercial-residential asset, generally a duplex, four-plex, or multi-family apartment complex, and performing any necessary rehabilitation to restore tenancy and raise rent to fair market value. We are interested in funding the purchase of undervalued assets with a strong exit plan and an opportunistic repositioning strategy during all seasons.

Opportunistically on Infill Lots

Building refers to smaller projects where an infill lot is purchased and the firm builds either a single-family home, a duplex, or a four-plex, based on zoning requirements and market interest. This is an effective strategy in a variety of markets, with more multi-unit dwellings being funded during down markets, and more single-family homes being funded in growth markets. The Manager seeks to fund these opportunities with emphasis on setting the expected completed construction date to best fit within a market-cycle high.


Developing refers to land and community development, from subdividing lots to installing basic utilities. We fund these projects exclusively during times of growth.



Buy & Reposition Undervalued Assets

Single Family & Duplexes

Buy & Reposition Undervalued Assets

Single Family & Duplexes


Actively Funding



Buy & Reposition Undervalued Assets

Apartment Complexes

Buy & Reposition Undervalued Assets

4-Plex & Multi-Family

Develop Communities

Not Funding

Ballard Built’s multi-channel strategy diversifies the fund and puts investors in position to realize returns during all seasons.

Utilizing this funding strategy, prior investors received positive returns, not over-exposing them to potential negative market cycles.

Optimized Investments

Whether land, single family or mulit-family our deal-by-deal option allows you to invest at the scale you want. Choose one channel or all of them—we’ll create a unique wealth building strategy you can be proud of.

Ballard Built business is founded on the following

Fundamental Principles


Using our size and industry relationships to provide access to innovative, value-driven investment opportunities to our investors.


Delivering a superior product to our clients.


Giving back to our community.

WE Are All About


Our team is united by a lifelong passion to create the ultimate living experience for our investors and those who reside in our developments–knowing that everyone has to live somewhere, why not make it great.


VIP Section

Welcome to the inside track where you reap the benefits of a community of like-minded folks who know how to create wealth. We did this with you in mind.

Sol Dorado Ranch

Our passion for building, investing and community are unrivaled.

We are involved in each project from its inception all the way through completion or management. 

From beginning to end we drive the agenda
WE Are All About
Long Term

Simply put–we’re focused on building wealth for the long-term. Since 1997 we have proven track record – investors have historically received a positive return that met or exceeded expectations in every investment led by Ballard. *

* While we choose projects that we believe have the highest likelihood of return, we cannot guarantee the results of any investment. See Important Disclosures at the bottom of the page for further information. 

What Success Has Looked Like
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